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Why “Atos” Choose Santa Cruz de Tenerife?

So why did the IT Consultancy firm for the Olympic Games “Atos” choose Santa Cruz de Tenerife to put its European Client Contact Centre?

Atos Consulting Canarias

Jose Manuel Rodríguez Macias

Director Atos Consulting Canarias

Why did you choose to establish your company in the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands are a key area for the development of our business for several reasons. First of all, I would point out the geo-strategic location of the islands, which allows us a tricontinental connection and the vicinity to our clients. We consider the Archipelago as an important bridge to Africa, where major consulting and system integration projects are coming up. Maghreb countries trust Spanish ICT companies and if we want to have a presence there, the best way to do it is through the Canary Islands. Another aspect that we deem important is the availability of quality professional services in the Islands. There are two universities here with a high percentage of the students registered in technical degree programmes of a high academic level. In addition, there are also several Vocational Training ICT modules on offer. All of this, together with the professionals already existing in the Islands, provides a supply of skilled human capital that has to be taken into account.

“The geo-strategic location of the islands allows us a tricontinental connection”

Which are, in your opinion, the main investing advantages or opportunities offered by the Canary Islands as compared with other regions?

As far as investing is concerned, I would point out the tax system applicable to the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC Zone), which is very attractive for companies, and of course the quality of life here, which is another incentive for European professionals to come here to work with us.

Would you point out any specific advantage offered by the Canary Islands in relation to infrastructures and connectivity?

As regards connectivity, for us, the Canary Islands mean connectivity with the whole world, and I would say that the infrastructures of the islands are similar to or even better than those in other areas of the continent.

What is your opinion about the islands’ business environment?

In the year 2007, we felt compelled to diversify and the Tenerife Business Centre meant our gateway to the world. In spite of a business environment complicated by the global crisis that is affecting the Canary Islands, we have swum against the tide. We firmly believe in the potential of the Canary Islands and in the possibilities they offer for companies of the knowledge societies.

What do you think of the Canary Islands quality of life?

I think that the islands’ quality of life adds to their great potential for innovation companies. For a professional, their climate and leisure offer, together with many other advantages, make the Canary Islands a place more attractive to live in than any other place in Europe.

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