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Atos Technology, company that trusts in the Canary Islands

In a previous article we discussed about JTI a tobacco company with a factory in the Canary Islands for some years. On this occasion, we will give as an example a company from the technology sector and which has a close relationship with the islands.

Atos is an international company that provides high-tech transactional services, consulting services, systems integration, and managed services. It is a world leader in IT Management (managed services and application management). Atos, whose European capital is mainly French, currently works with more than 70 countries around the world, through alliances with large companies, Siemens, Oracle or Microsoft.

Atos has a presence in the Canary Islands since 1999, and its Canarian subsidiary was the first company incorporated into the ZEC Zone. It provides services for the Canarian Public Sector, and since 2008 it provides services to multinational companies for three continents.In 2017 it had 12,700 million euros in sales and, its strategy for 2018 is centered on Digital Transformation.

Atos is establishing a new Global Service Center in the Canary Islands. After the meetings held between Atos and ITER (Technological and Scientific Institute of Spain) on April 24th, 2018, concerning the proposed lease of the installations, data center, and Teide Supercomputer.

From this new Center, Atos will give service to special customers (among these are Disney and Siemens) and will be located in the Technology Park of Gran Canaria, a high-class top installation with a remarkable innovative character from which will provide services to Europe and America and eventually to Africa.The main services lines will be dedicated to technical support outsourcing, systems integration and, software developments.

Atos is planning to hire and train 180 university graduates from the technical areas and those related to languages, as well as students with vocational training technology through three hiring phases of 60 contracts each.

The establishment of this new center on the island will give a professional output to the Gran Canaria talent, will allow economic diversification, and will have an economic impact for the island of 37 million euros over the next five years

Worth mentioning that, currently, the Canary Islands is one of Atos main offshore/value shore service centers.

In 2013, Atos built a new headquarter in Tenerife, located in the "El Mayorazgo industrial park" in Santa Cruz, which made possible the extension of the Customer Service Excellence Center. This Service Center was created in 2008 and from which they began to provide services from the Canary Islands to worldwide companies. In the beginning, they hired around 200 employees and now, they have over 400 workers. More than forty large multinational companies from nineteen countries and three continents have their services connected to this Center of Excellence and also operate in six languages, with solving capacity of more than 600,000 contacts with users per year.

This project was another bet of Atos to the Canary Islands, since it joined the Centers that the group has within the Spanish territory, such as: Testing Factory of Seville, Software Factory of Valladolid, Atos Worldgrid (Smart Energy), NGIN (Next Generation Intelligent Networks), Research & Innovation (R & D + i), Major Events (Olympic Games, Paralympics and other major events), and Smart Mobility.

They are thinking of re-locate to the islands a very large French-speaking client that has already changed the American data protection law. The Atos leaders consider that Gran Canaria is a strategic place to transfer this client.

As we can see, Atos is a company that has put its economic trust in the Islands and decided to enjoy the tax incentives that the island offers through the ZEC. Their results have been so good that in a span of 10 years they have expanded through different Service Centers to help their clients located in three continents: Africa, America, and Europe. We are confident that in the future they will continue to grow within the island, mainly due to the shared long-term innovation vision.


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