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We work with our clients to strategise their restructure and to understand the driving forces for growth within their businesses to deliver a clear strategic vision for the future, and the structural path to realise that vision.


Case Study

Intelligent Tax Structures

The Situation
Novara Capital Group were engaged by a company in the online marketing industry. The company had 26 staff, based in an EU country, generating €3.1m revenue with a profit of €1.1 paying €220,000 in corporate income tax. The company were looking for investment to fund growth, capture market share and launch their product/service in other EU countries.
The Solution
Novara immediately identified IP, and other business assets, previously overlooked. A corporate structure protecting IP & royalty income was set up and subsequently a ZEC entity was established benefitting from 4% corporation tax. The structure was maximised to enhance fully net profits and to allow self funding as opposed to giving away equity.
The Results
Lowering Corporate tax by 80% allowed the company to fund growth with the additional revenue whilst creating another 26 jobs (52 in total). This added resource which helped their revenue expand by more than double. The owners of the company kept their equity, self-funded growth, and today the company has grown from a €3 million to a €80 million valuation



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