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Teide Supercomputer-Canary Islands

If you think about the Canary Islands, you will probably relate it with holidays, beach, sun and fun, and it is, but also have another face related to technology, research, development and, innovation.

Teide-HPC (High Performance Computing) , located in the Canary Islands is the second most powerful in Spain and is in the top500 list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, ranking 138th (November 2013). It has a high process capacity to improve and expand the national and international scope of investigations. It is used for researches and companies members of the Technology and Science Park of Tenerife and the University of La Laguna.

Inaugurated in 2013 by the late Stephen Hawking, the Teide-HPC supercomputer is solar powered and, it was primarily used to map the universe. Teide-HPC will be replaced by a superior version shortly.


Teide-HPC has 16,384 processing cores, 33,664 GB virtual memory, uses 312.00 kW of pure solar energy (at its location, close to the equator, 200 miles off the coast of Morocco, rainfall is around 4 days annually) and, has a max data rate/capacity of 340.787 TFlop/s.

The supercomputer has three types of computing core platforms:

❖ Sandy bridge platforms is formed by 1028 nodes with two Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors 32 GB /64 GB RAM.

❖ Ivy bridge platforms formed by 72 nodes with two Intel Xeon E5-2670v2 processors 32GB RAM.

❖ Fat nodes, 3 nodes with four Intel Xeon E5-4620 processors 256 GB RAM.

Storage: Based on NetApp technology with a net capacity of 500TB, configured in cluster mode having all the redundant elements to deal with potential hardware failure, with global spare disks according to best practices. There is a Lustre parallel file system solution for applications requiring a high number of I/O operations.Networking: Teide-HPC networking solution relays on a four networks topology, each one with a specific purpose. Three networks are based on ethernet technology and are used for Out-Of-Band management, on band management and storage access. The fourth network is an Infiniband technology one, used to inter-node communication in parallel processing.Security: As security measures, Teide HPC has IPSec tunnels, VPN connections and the possibility of establishing private VLANs for the clients.Connectivity: Teide Supercomputer is connected to internet through the Spanish academic and research network, Rediris, with a 10 Gb link and also through the ALiX project.There are also two transfer nodes which permit high speed data transfers accessing to the data network backbone.


A model to access the Teide-HPC is available for companies and entities that provide services to third parties or for the development of products. The services can be provided from Teide HPC infrastructure are:

● Software and Infrastructure:

○ IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). The amount of storage and computing nodes requested are provided.

○ PaaS (Platform as a Service). Above the IaaS level, computing nodes are supplied with OS deployed , monitoring service…

○ SaaS (Software as a Service). Massively parallel execution of software installed on the machine is offered. If necessary, the installation and optimization of the software or the infrastructure could be done to fit customer needs.

● User access accounts : Includes 5GB of NFS storage.

● Storage: Storage is offered in 1GB slots

ALiX Project:

This infrastructure constitutes a key piece of the ALiX project, allowing the introduction of infrastructures orientated towards the creation of an industrial network linked to the Information and the Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Tenerife. ALiX project is a Council of Tenerife proposal which has been led by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (Technological Institute of Renewable Energy), ITER SA Its main objective is to improve the competitiveness of the ICT sector in the Canary Islands.

For the implementation of this infrastructure, ITER received a total of 8.5 million euros as part of the INNPLANTA programme of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, financed by FEDER funds for the acquisition of scientific and technological infrastructure for Research and Development.

Future Perspective

The company continues to investigate this low-cost centralized data center for it’s over 1200 proprietary and third party websites, CCU Coin and, blockchain infrastructure. While domiciling all of the company’s technology in one location, the data center would also be used to generate ancillary revenue from crypto mining. The recent rise in crypto-currency prices renders this project viable again.

The technology is one of the reasons why companies are setting up in the Canary Islands. Innovation, research, and development are the key to the future of companies. Atos technology is a good example of the success of high-tech companies on the island. In addition, the Tax Corporate Incentives are attractive for any company looking for new opportunities to set their subsidiaries. If you are a company who want to know more about all these benefits, don´t hesitate in contacting us. Our consultants will be glad to talk to you.


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