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Canary Islands – Investment Platform for Africa

The Canary Islands are situated just 100km off the coast of West Africa and 1000km south of Spain.

The Canaries have long been a strategic place of importance for international trade and in the late 1900’s the became a world famous tourist destination with more than 12 million visitors annually.


Novara Capital Group is an international tax & capital investment consulting firm. We specialise in Corporate Structuring, European Union Tax Incentives, IP Positioning, and Transactions / M&A. We provide intelligent corporate structures, advice, and an integrated service which cross delivers in businesses. We advise companies globally to accelerate international growth, optimise net profits, and enhance equity value leveraging Intellectual Property and Licences. Our in-house experts specialise in International Tax Law, Company Law & Cross Border Jurisdiction, Investment & Asset Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Operational Management.

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London Tel: +44 207 129 7086

Spain Tel: +34 910 085 807

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