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Canary Islands Contact Centre Revolution?

Call Centre Outsource Revolution! Why Contact Centres are Leaving India & Ireland and Heading off to the Canaries?

The past decades have seen call centres compromise on standards by outsourcing places like India, Malaysia and even Bulgaria Europe’s poorest state “ source The Independent”

Poor states appear to bring poor standards and poor returns as many Call Centres like Santander end up back in the UK. “ The Independent”

We’re now seeing a new improved Call Centre destination emerge, one that’s ticking all the boxes and not just for the Shareholders but the employees also.

The Canary Islands is famous for its tourist destinations however there’s a very serious side to the Canaries and in the past 10 years it has re-invested itself to earn the title of “Service Centre Capital Of Europe”

An exceptionally low Corporate Tax Rate

The main pull to the Canaries is an incentive called the ZEC (Zona Especial Canarias) the corporate tax rate is just 4%. There is no obligation to invest the funds you simply just pay 4% of the gross profit amount and enjoy the additional savings. With countries like the UK having a main Corporate Tax rate of 21% “quoted by HMRC “It’s easy to see why companies would move here when they learn theycan enjoy 75% more of their hard earned profits.

Because ZEC is an onshore incentive it allows dividends to be repatriated to the UK and other jurisdictions without Withholding Tax and FREE from double taxation in the receiving jurisdiction.

World Class Infrastructure and Communications

The largest island in the Canaries is Tenerife. There are two sides to Tenerife; one is the more famous leading year round tourist destination however the Capital City of Santa Cruz is the main area in which companies decide to place their offices due to the infrastructure. Santa Cruz boasts world class communications providing broadband internet connections via fibre optics and one of the world’s largest super computers making it an international hub for telecommunications connecting the Americas Europe and Africa through the A-Lix & NAP at the Data Centre in Granadilla.

Opulent Lifestyle

Santa Cruz de Tenerife like Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, have one of the most opulent lifestyles in Europe. They have more than 300 days per year of spring like sunshine average temperatures of between 15ºC and 25ºC this means a lot less man hours lost due to adverse winter weather conditions that northern European countries have to endure, and due to the weather the lifestyle of living and working in the Canaries moral is much higher meaning less days lost to sickness. The Canaries offers long light nights, and due to the climate the lifestyle is more of an outdoor one compared to other countries.

Access To Talent

There are two Universities in the Canaries providing access to skilled multi-lingual talent to cover a company’s needs from IT to Customer Satisfaction. In addition to the local home grown bi-lingual talent there is a thriving cosmopolitan expat community with just about every language spoken imaginable and unlike the cost of salaries in the UK or even elsewhere in Europe where wages are high, the minimum salary in the Canaries is €700 per month and the average salary for a customer service worker being around €1000 and management around €1500 per month. With more than 176 direct connections to major European Cities daily it’s even the perfect location for staff that wish to relocate and never feel too far from home.

Access to World Class Tactical Advice and Support

On the islands companies like Capital Investment Canaries, who provide Corporate Services and Management Consultancy can take you right through the entire process from Viability to Trading with the first process being a Suitability Study.

Novara Capital Group have International Clients which include one of the top 5 online sports betting companies globally, an international Movie Production Company, international online advertising agency, and a software development company that supplies the global telco’s in more than 16 countries.

Novara Capital Group is the only private company that holds official partnership status with the ZEC Consortium and partners closely with the Port Authority, Chamber of Commerce, Government Departments and Public Inward Investment entities.

Our process puts the emphasis on making establishing your base in the Canaries easy, efficient and excellent value.


Novara Capital Group is an international tax & capital investment consulting firm. We specialise in Corporate Structuring, European Union Tax Incentives, IP Positioning, and Transactions / M&A. We provide intelligent corporate structures, advice, and an integrated service which cross delivers in businesses. We advise companies globally to accelerate international growth, optimise net profits, and enhance equity value leveraging Intellectual Property and Licences. Our in-house experts specialise in International Tax Law, Company Law & Cross Border Jurisdiction, Investment & Asset Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Operational Management.

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