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Are you missing out on the Economic uplift?

Are you missing out on the economic uplift?

Since early 2013 there’s been signs that the economy is firmly on the road to recovery investors are gaining more confidence and for companies that survived the recession now is the time to invest in their own businesses.

The good news is that now is a great time to raise investment, sell a little equity and cash up ready for growth but before you do you might want to speak to us about our RBS growth model, we’ll come back to that a little later, firstly lets acknowledge where we are in the economic cycle.

Where are we in the economic cycle?

We’ve just gone through a “W” shaped recovery to this recession, people are calling it a recession but it was actually a depression. The last time we saw a “W” shape recover was from the 74,75 recession, the time before that was the 37, 38 recession and the time before that the 29,31 recession. The other two types of economic recovery is the “V” shaped recovery which is what everyone was hoping it was going to be, and lastly there’s the “L” shaped recovery. Each recovery is names after the graphical trends of the markets which is what determines our economy some 6-18 months later.

So what does this all mean to my business?

There are different era’s to the commercial cycle, Product, Image, Marketing, Distribution. Each era demands a different business model to flourish, by knowing which era we are in now it’s much easier to build a model that enhances rapid growth, something which we’ve been assisting our clients with over the past 11 months. Doing the right thing at the wrong time can be just as disastrous as doing the wrong thing, if you’re not seeing healthy jumps every quarter right now then this is a clear indication that something isn’t quite right.

By hesitating now you’re missing out on the natural economic uplift, or put another way your clients are buying somewhere else, and no amount of marketing will fix the problem. Marketing your way through the problem is like using painkillers to get rid of a problem that only an anti-biotic can do.

What’s the solution! How can I build sustainable growth?

It could be that we need to pay a little attention to a few framework models, knowing which slight tweaks to make in your approach to the market will have an instant and profound effect building both revenue and equity something which most business owners overlook. The next thing we focus on with our clients is their distribution, The RBS model impacts a business immediately assisting it to become more valuable and investor ready meaning business owners give away less equity during investment rounds.

How do investors choose which businesses to invest in?

Speak to any investment firm right now and they’ll tell you there’s literally an abundance of projects and businesses looking for money but sadly 90% of them fall way short of being investor ready. Right now investors have the pick of the best opportunities in the market and it’s the best opportunities that will attract the investment and capitalise on winning more market share. This inevitably will drive a huge gap between businesses, are you ready to make your Jump?

Novara Capital Group, although we are a team of Tax advisers, accountants, and employment law and business consultants, our value and specialty is in assisting companies to RETAIN, more of their revenue, BUILD, development models and equity value, meaning they SELL, for more, meaning we have many partnership agreements with other corporate and professional service providers. To become a client or partner of Novara Capital Group you can engage with us in one of the following ways


Novara Capital Group is an international tax & capital investment consulting firm. We specialise in Corporate Structuring, European Union Tax Incentives, IP Positioning, and Transactions / M&A. We provide intelligent corporate structures, advice, and an integrated service which cross delivers in businesses. We advise companies globally to accelerate international growth, optimise net profits, and enhance equity value leveraging Intellectual Property and Licences. Our in-house experts specialise in International Tax Law, Company Law & Cross Border Jurisdiction, Investment & Asset Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Operational Management.

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