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Ánima Estudio, a Mexican audiovisual company that succeeds in the Canary Islands

Ánima Estudios (also known as ÁNIMA) is a mexican Ánimation studio founded in 2002 by Fernando de Fuentes and Jose C. García de Letona. It is the Latin America’s biggest and most important Ánimation studio and it is best known for producing highly successful Ánimated content. In 2018 expanded its global distribution reach to include countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, Russia and China. It has offices in Mexico City, Madrid and Las Palmas (Canary Islands.) It has three subsidiaries:

Atomo Network:

Atomo Network is a YouTube community for Ánimators, artists, and creators in Spanish. It is a project that arises from the union between the Channel Frederator Network in USA and Ánima Studios. It aims is to help independent creators to increase their audience by a monthly average of 14%. For example, a YouTube channel that currently has 10,000 visits per month could grow to 42,000 monthly visits during a one-year period. In 2018, achieved over 6.6 million subscribers and more than 1.1 billion global views.

Atomo Film:

Atomo Films is a commercial enterprise that specializes in the production of films and Ánimated series for teenagers and adults. In 2012, it produced the film "El Santos vs La Tetona Mendoza", based on a famous Mexican wrestler, created by Jis y Trino and published in different newspapers in Mexico.

Ánima Kitchent:

Ánima Kitchent is a Mexican company with more than 15 years of experience that was established in Spain in 2014 and focuses on two brands: "Piny, Institute of New York" (52X11 '), a series about fashion for girls of 6 at 8 years target co-produced with Famosa (a renowned Spanish toy company), and "Cleo & Cuquín", the brand based on the iconic "Familia Telerín".

Its aim is to become a leading operator in the creation and production of contents focusing on children and youth markets. Ánima Kitchent combines creative skills and production abilities with a strategic vision that turns contents into international brands, it also mixes the creative and business elements of a project to ensure that it has the potential to become an international cross-platform entertainment brand.Ánima Kitchent contents go hand in hand with a brand strategy that facilitates their commercial use through Licensing and Marketing agreements in as many countries as possible.

Ánima Estudios It has so far produced 9 feature-length movies, such as “Agent Macaw: Shaken and Stirred” and “Kung Fu Magoo”. In 2011 the studio released “Top Cat: The Movie” and also “La Leyenda de la Llorona”, both of which broke box-office records. Since 2006, Ánima has made the Ánimated series “El Chavo”, which is the most-viewed Ánimated show in Latin America and has also worked on the production of other highly successful series. In 2013 it released “Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” TV series, which is currently shown on TV channels all over the world.

It is the first studio in Latin America to produce an original series for Netflix, Legend Quest, which has been premiered worldwide on Netflix in 190 countries, receiving universal acclaim. It has worked with recognized companies such as Disney, Dreamworks, and Cartoon Network.

Among its future projects are more feature-length movies, TV series, online series and mobile applications.

Ánima Estudios in Spain

On April 2014, Ánima Estudios opened Ánima Kitchent which was the official European subsidiary. Two years after opening an office in Madrid, Ánima Kitchen chose Gran Canaria to set up and develop its next projects with an initial investment of 1.4 million euros and 30 highly qualified professionals. It registered as a ZEC company and has collaborated with the Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria (Spegc) to promote internal training and integrate Canarian professional Ánimators to the company.

In the beginning, the company never had a relationship with Gran Canaria, but when the directors were searching for new places and competitive advantages they held the first meeting in Madrid with Canarian representatives who informed them about the benefits of setting up there. With that information, the decision to settle was easier.

The Canary Islands support sectors that contribute to the economic diversification, as it is the audiovisual sector, therefore, the arrival of Ánima Kitchent represented a stimulus for the sector growth and a boost for entrepreneurs and local professionals.

The fiscal incentives, the perfect conditions of the installations of the Gran Canaria Technology Park for this type of production, the possibilities of recruiting local talent and the excellent quality of life offered by the Island were factors for the company's directors to decide to establish themselves in the Island to develop their next projects.

The fiscal incentives, the perfect conditions of the Gran Canaria Technology Park installations of for this type of production, the possibilities of recruiting local talent and the excellent quality of life offered by the Island were factors for the company's directors to decide to establish themselves in the Island to develop their next projects.

At first, they proposed to settle just for 12 or 14 months, afterward, they decided to stay longer. The production department is based on the island and has the aim of diversifying activities. In mid-2017 they offered a Master´s degree in 3D Ánimation with a tuition fee of 5,000 euros, but, they offered a scholarship to half of the students with the help of Mapfre Guanarteme Foundation. Through this course, theoretical and practical foundations were taught, and subsequently, half of the students were hired to join the production company. During the same year, Ánima Kitchent decided to incorporate 150 employees into their Canarian team due to the increasing number of projects.

This is an example of how companies can succeed when they consider new options and trust in the Canary Islands to settle. Besides the audiovisual companies, there are other sectors with potential growth, like IT, Services, etc.


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